How to Clean Leather Office Chairs

How to Clean Leather Office Chairs

Being a manufacturers representative for the commercial furniture industry; my job consists of allowing customers to sample products before they purchase. Loading sample chairs in and out of my van plus customers love to eat in the chairs while at their desk causes them to become quite dirty. I find that my leather conference chairs become the dirtiest over the course of just a couple of weeks. I try to showcase my sample chairs in the best condition possible and catch myself cleaning them quite frequently. Although there are plenty of leather cleaning agents out on the market I have found that they typically have a couple major issues.

  • They leave streaks on the leather after you wipe away the cleaner. Removing the streaks takes just as much work as cleaning the chair.
  • Although a leather conditioner cleaning agent is great to use, these types of products cause the leather chairs to be very slippery. I don’t wont my potential customers sliding out of my chairs.
  • Most cleaning products for leather leave a horrible scent afterwards. I love the smell of natural leather which is impossible to bottle.


Recently while cleaning a leather chair in my garage my wife saw me struggling to get the chair clean. She recommended I try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. To my surprise the Magic Eraser worked wonders, plus it didn’t leave any residue or streaks on the chair. No odor or slippery seat pans. I was quite impressed. Checkout the Cortina High Back white leather conference chair in the image below. You can see the left side is clean and the right side is still quite dirty with embedded dirt. I inserted a separation line to spot the difference.

Cortina conference chair

9to5 Seating Cortina High Back Conference Chair

Axis and Cortina Conference chairs

9to5 Seating Axis and Cortina Conference Chairs