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N-Wall Demountable Wall Systems in Three Easy Steps

(Please note N-Wall is for commercial applications and available in Southern California region ONLY)


The Drywall Alternative

At National Wall Systems, Inc., we’re dedicated to providing only the best in interior demountable wall systems. We’re experts at manufacturing a wall product that is as close to frame & drywall as you can get, with exceptional customer service and technical knowledge that cannot be beat. N-Wall Demountable Wall Systems is committed to saving the environment by manufacturing a product that can be easily modified or reused, thus reducing the amount of landfill waste created by drywall demolition and construction. In addition, our “green option” provides features that meet and/or exceed the requirements for a truly sustainable product.

N-wall is the best alternative to conventional frame & drywall on the market today. It is designed to help facilities respond gracefully to change by eliminating costly construction time and environmentally unfriendly by-products.


  • innovative
  • environmentally safe
  • structurally sound
  • lightweight
  • competitively priced
  • reusable
  • demountable wall systems


What is N-Wall? 

N-Wall is a pre-finished, insulated wall panel system constructed of 25 gauge pre-formed 2.5″ thick metal framing with insulation fiberboard panels secured to both sides to form a 3.5″ thick strong, lightweight, modular wall panel that is custom manufactured in all sizes up to 48″ wide and 144″ high. We offer both an economical ‘standard version’ and an upgraded ‘high performance versio’ for those looking to improve the acoustical properties and performance of the facility, reduce waste and increase the energy and resource efficiency.

Why use N-Wall over conventional frame & drywall? 

  • Moveable and reusable
  • Easily reconfigured
  • Lightweight, strong and safe
  • Clean and quick – No dust or fumes
  • Reusability feature results in 100% reduction of landfill deposits
  • Minimal disruption to the workplace
  • Can be installed in a couple of hours or days, not weeks


When does N-Wall make sense? 

  • Need to add an office quickly
  • Need to turn a large room into multiple rooms
  • Need to separate an area but can’t afford the disruption or hassle of moving everything
  • Want a tax advantage to depreciate over 7 years (like furniture) vs. 39 years for fixed walls
  • Plan on moving and want to take your walls with you
  • Need walls that are acoustically advanced for maximum sound attenuation
  • When your office is in a constant mode of change and flexibility is a must


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